The SelectFlex Benefits Plan gives small businesses the power to customize their group benefits plans like never before.

Discover the superior alternative to traditional group benefits plans.

Traditional group benefit plans often have a “one size fits all” approach, where every member of your company has the same benefits. But every member of your company is not the same! Every individual and every family can have different benefits needs.

With the SelectFlex Benefits Plan, the plan sponsor selects the benefits to offer to employees. Then employees receive the flexibility they need for their own coverage through a tax effective plan. The combination of insurance protection and flexibility is one of the key advantages to SelectFlex.

There is a growing demand for a group plan that is flexible, easy, and affordable for small business. The SelectFlex Benefits Plan is designed to meet this demand. Some small businesses assume they are too small to have a truly flexible solution, or have found in the past it was too expensive to do so.

The SelectFlex Benefits Plan is unique because employers can tailor which benefits to offer. The employer gains control over the costs of a plan, while offering real choice for their employees.

It takes 10 minutes to compare

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